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Top Things to Do in Barcelona in 24 Hours

24/11/2015 – 2:28 pm |
barcelona sunset

Photo from Flickr by Moyan_Brenn

Barcelona has a lot going on and with only 24 hours, you’re going to have to narrow it down. Luckily for you, with proper planning, and with Alpharooms handy Barcelona guide, 24 hours is plenty of time to experience the culture that the city is famous for.

See at Least 1 of Antoni Gadi’s Works

Gaudi work

Photo from Flickr by Luc Mercelis

His architectural work in the Modernist sect is famous both internationally and city-wide. You may not have time to see them all but make your choice based on personal preferences. Check out Sangrada Familia, the towering church of sculptures, carved messages and stained glass windows or the quirky, underwater feel of his House of Bones. If you prefer the outdoors, try Park Guell’s sculptures and vivid colors.

Go to a Tapas Bar

tapas bar in barcelona

Photo from Flickr by luz rovira

Don’t visit Spain without trying some Tapas, or small plates. Wander into a bar, order a beer and more often than not, the bartender will reward you with a plate full of meats, cheeses, breads or fried snacks. Try  La esquinica, a favorite with the locals.

Check Out The Beach

beach in barcelona

Photo from Flickr by plb06

The city is situated on the Mediterranean and the beaches here play a huge part in Barcelona’s day and night time scene.  Stroll along the paved beach walk, bring a picnic lunch from the local market or wait until sun falls for cocktails overlooking the sea.

Stroll Down La Rambla

Photo from Flickr by My Wave Pictures

Photo from Flickr by My Wave Pictures

Barcelona’s famed city strip is where you can find gelato stands, street performers and artists trying to sell their works. The shops along this strip offer up some of the city’s best coffee and freshest food markets.

Go Dancing

The night life here is epic so make sure to have a coffee and go out just when things get started, around 12 am. Try Catwalk, Bajabeach Club or one of the many salsa dancing establishments that are scattered around the city.



Lucky to be in Queenstown New Zealand, Literally!

14/11/2015 – 4:27 pm |
queenstown nz

I wanted to visit Queenstown not only because it’s meant to be beautiful but because it is a genuine mountain town based around skiing and snowboarding.

Where In The World Are You Destined To Live?

11/11/2015 – 4:00 am |
house for sale

Where In The World Are You Destined To Live?

5 Ways to Earn Money While Traveling

04/11/2015 – 6:32 pm |
teaching english

Check out the following 5 ways to give you an idea of how you can make money while you are traveling

Escaping for Winter Sun

30/10/2015 – 6:15 pm |
sunset beach

temperatures in the Caribbean soar with plenty of sunny days and little chance of rain. With so many picture postcard islands to choose from

The Land of the Middle Earth – Hobbiton

23/10/2015 – 4:40 pm |
Lord of The Rings Movie Set at Hobbiton, New Zealand

Visiting Auckland seemed like a big deal. The architecture, the shopping….eh, who am I kidding, Auckland is pretty close to Hobbiton

Lavish in a Luxury Accommodation in York

18/10/2015 – 3:49 pm |
horses racing

do something different and stay at a place that will stand out for you when you look at the luxury hotels in York near York Race Course.

Exploring Modern Ireland in Dublin

08/10/2015 – 7:08 am |

Find out about the most exciting modern attractions around Dublin. Explore
galleries, trendy areas and more great modern tourist attractions in Dublin

5 Things You Must Do When In Cape Town, South Africa

06/10/2015 – 1:45 pm |
table mountain south africa

Cape Town is South Africa has it all. From breathtaking scenery and amazing beaches to superb gastronomy and bussing nightlife, you will find various things to do and enjoy. No matter what you are looking …

Earn Enormously from Online Games

02/10/2015 – 1:14 pm |

You can be stuck in your hostel while waiting for the next adventure and still have fun by winning at the online games.