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5 Places worth Visiting in Central London

24/07/2014 – 3:46 pm |

5 Places worth Visiting in Central London

London is bustling with life. Tourists from all round the globe visit London with different purposes. While some travellers come to London for business purpose, others visit this global city for vacation. Many of the tourists choose to stay in Central London, because this part of the city is well connected with the remaining parts through public transport. Staying near the Belgrave Road, the Gatwick Express or the Victoria Station enables a traveller to reach any part of the city quickly and conveniently.

Moreover, most of the tourist attractions of the city are located in Central London. This means that you can simply walk up to many of London’s tourist attractions. Finding a suitable accommodation option is also easy. Top bed and breakfasts in London Victoria such as St. George’s Inn Victoria offer clean and comfortable accommodation at bargain rates. Once you have decided to visit the heart of London, the first thing to do is to make a list of the places to visit.


Top 5 Places You Ought To Visit in Central London

While there are many places to visit in Central London, it may not be possible to explore all of them in a short tour. The following five places are must visit for everyone.

The Buckingham Palace: There are several cheap and budget bed and breakfasts in London Victoria which thrive on the fact that they are located in Central London and close to the Buckingham Palace. This imperial building is one of the most-visited tourist spots in Europe because it is the home of the royal family of England. The beautiful British architecture and the splendid blank expressions of the Royal Guards is quite exciting for visitors from all over the World.

The Westminster Abbey:The Westminster Church is one of the most beautiful places in the Westminster area. If you want to experience spirituality with a mix of English culture and art the Westminster Abbey is worth the visit. If you are staying at a bed and breakfast in London Victoria it would be wonderful to spend your day in Westminster Abbey where the roads and streets boast of rich culture and heritage.

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Reading hotels

21/07/2014 – 2:41 pm |

While in the city, choose to stay near the Reading Station in high quality budget hotels like the Rainbows Lodge Hotel.

Hotels near Kensington Palace

20/07/2014 – 2:35 pm |

The Kensington Palace holds great historical importance as it was the favourite residences of the successive sovereigns until 1760

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Bed and Breakfasts Gatwick Airport

18/07/2014 – 1:10 pm |

It is not difficult for travellers to find good hotels with bed and breakfasts near Gatwick Airport like Holiday Inn Express Gatwick Crawley.

The Mesmerizing Gardens of Westminster Abbey

18/07/2014 – 10:00 am |

The Abbey houses three gardens, the Garth, The Little Cloister and the College Garden within its premises. Each one has a unique quality of its own

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