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Unusual Things To Do In Berlin

20/08/2015 – 11:33 am |

Unusual Things To Do In Berlin

Berlin is, without a doubt, one of the coolest places in the world that a person can visit. When you do not want to be stuck doing the same old activities during your next trip to the German capital refer to this helpful guide for tips and pointers. Be sure to use coupons, for example Target coupon codes, while you prepare for the trip. It will save you lots of money and allow to spend more while staying in Berlin.



This is not just a restaurant, this is a dining experience. At this restaurant, you are given instructions on how to find your meal and you are then given an opportunity to eat in the dark. The dining room is pitch black, the servers are blind and your taste buds are able to enjoy the food you consume without any sort of visual distraction. This unique culinary adventure is a must see (no pun intended!).


You can explore all of your wildest fantasies while vacationing in Berlin, including a trip to this world renowned nightclub where anything goes, except for excessive voyeurism. You can lose all of your inhibitions and allow your muse to take you as far as you are willing to go. Gay, straight, bisexual, it does not matter, there are back rooms and dance floors for you to live out your craziest dreams.

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Unique Hotels in Oxford

20/08/2015 – 11:20 am |

Whenever you travel you want to be sure that all of the arrangements you make are going to provide you with the comfort and luxury you want

Quality Hotels in London West End

20/08/2015 – 11:12 am |

The West End contains many of the best attractions that you can find in the city and draws many tourists to the region each year.

Reasons for Visiting CEBU in the Philippines

01/08/2015 – 6:12 pm |

Cebu has become such a developed cosmopolitan city over the years. Attractive resorts, luxury and budget hotels, breathtaking mountains, fun activities..

Top tips for camping in the UK

31/07/2015 – 1:10 pm |

If you’re new to camping, check out our tips for finding the perfect campsite and packing effectively, so you can make the most of your outdoor adventure.

Cheap Travel Tips

28/07/2015 – 6:30 pm |

you are saving money while you travel. If you are looking for additional travel tips to save even more, read this post till the very end.

Your guide to the most popular skiing destinations in France

25/07/2015 – 11:27 am |

Europe’s greatest mountain range, the Alps, reach their peak on the French-Italian border, it’s no wonder that France is one of the top skiing destinations.

The Importance of Pre and Post Travel Health Checks

23/07/2015 – 11:38 pm |
travel checklist

travel to foreign countries can also expose us to illnesses and diseases we have no immunity to. It is a good idea to book health checks before you travel.

Fun Things to Do While Traveling

23/07/2015 – 6:54 pm |
Reading a book in the beach

we will be discussing the many fun things that you can do while you are traveling on different types of transportation. These things will help you pass time

Luxury Hotels in Madrid – Live it up during the Holidays

29/06/2015 – 3:38 pm |

Vacationing in Madrid should definitely be on your Bucket List, as it is one of the most amazing experiences in the world.