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Blue Skies, Blue Seas, Glorious Sunshine on the Turquoise Coast

07/02/2016 – 4:23 pm |


Alaturka Blue Cruise turkey 26

When it comes to choosing a holiday, everyone wants nice weather and the chance to come home with a suntan. Choosing the southern coast of Turkey guarantees both and memories that will last long after the suntan has faded. Some pick a popular resort with plenty of nightlife.

Others are a little more adventurous wanting variety without necessarily too much exercise. A balance between the chance to relax but to also learn a little of the history and culture of a region is ideal. The waters of this Turkish Coast and the interesting sites and town that sit between the mountains and the sea are an excellent choice.

Blue Skies, Blue Seas, Glorious Sunshine on the Turquoise Coast


The ruins of the ancient city of Olympos have become an important tourist attraction, some visitors travelling the coastal road and others enjoying an Olympos to Fethiye Blue Cruise.The city, close to the modern town of Cirali, dates back to the times of the Lycians.

A National Park incorporating Olympos and the remains of two other ancient settlements, Phaselis and Idyros, get many visitors each year. Olympos is regarded as a titular see by the Catholic Church. It is thought that the first settlement here was built in the 4th Century BC.

It was conquered by the Romans and over the years it has been an important strategic site for Venetians, Genoese and Rhodians though by the 15th Century it was no longer regarded as important. Its importance today is historical, cultural and religious.

Fethiye Harbour View 2


Heading further West there is a delightful little harbor at Kas, a town that sits below the mountains looking out to offshore islands, including Meis, an impressive Greek Rock which has just a few hundred inhabitants. It is possible for strong swimmers to swim between the two though for most that is far too energetic.

The population of Kas is just a few thousand but there are many times more living in surrounding villages and benefitting from the influx of visitors during the main holiday weeks. Kas offers plenty of chances to relax in cafes and restaurants.

The town is a notable diving centre while some holidaymakers simply enjoy a short trip to the surrounding islands, uninhabited but for Meis. One major attraction in the sunken city of Kekova though it is not permitted to put down an anchor.

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