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Home » Koh Phangan

Literally buckets of fun at the Half Moon Party, Koh Phangan

Submitted by on 04/06/2009 – 10:02 pmNo Comment
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Sanny's super buckets, we love them!

So here we are back on Koh Phangan and getting our party muscles in shape for another full moon party. We left Koh Tao the very next day after diving in an attempt to save money but I can really see myself going back to do more diving.

The ferry between Koh Tao and Koh Phangan was effortless as usual and apart from the long sweaty walk up the pier to where the cheap minibuses wait getting all the way to Haad Rin was a breeze. We kicked off our flip flops and hopped down on to the dazzling white sand, we were met by a cool sea breeze and an almost empty beach – it was good to be back!

A short walk up the beach to our usual haunt, Sea View bungalows, on the quietest end of the beach which as the name suggests enjoys a perfect sea view interrupted only by sunbathers and palm trees. It was like going back to a home from home because all the staff remember us and gave us such a warm welcome, they were genuinely happy to see us again and even sorted us a discount without us even asking.

On the bus to Haad Rin we noticed that it was the night of the half moon party… We didn’t check ahead at all and completely forgot but seeing as it was on – we were there! That in mind we didn’t want to get up to anything too strenuous during the day so Georgie blew the dust off her Poi’s, Sarah got horizontal on the beach trying to tan up and I made friends with our French neighbours. The weather was beautiful and the long day of sun, sand and sea was everything we wanted and more but there was no hiding the excitement of a full on session at the party in the forest. I’m sure it hasn’t been long at all but it does feel like Georgie and I haven’t partied hard for ages and this was the perfect opportunity.

For dinner we took Sarah along to the world famous Mr K’s for some top class fast food before dragging her and our new French compadres down the beach for a super fun fuck bucket from our good friend and expert bucket maker Sanny… Sangsom + Coke  + Redbull = FUN… 

A tried and tested recipe and as usual Sanny went apeshit when she saw us, the perfect way to wind up for a banging night! The beach was unusually quiet but we didn’t let that slow us down we just headed off to the forest early buckets ‘n all. In fact it was the same story when we got to the half moon party, unusually quiet… This just made us even keener to get on it and by around 1 am things had perked up and we were all obscenely drunk, dancing like loons and having the time of our lives in the jungle.

There was all the usual fire spinning, UV stages and throngs of drunken people dancing to awesome music that make the half moon so much fun but as is always the case when we go to a party in a forest with Sarah – we lost her, we couldn’t find her anywhere… But as is always the case when we loose Sarah at a party in a forest – she turns up in the end and is sick!

Chooo Chooo Choooon half moon party The half moon party turned out to be as good as any we have ever been to and I think it’s safe to say we were all as drunk as we’ve ever been so as I’m sure you can imagine the following day was spent as much in horizontal positions as possible, also Sarah got her first taste of a bucket hangover and of course was sick in the morning and felt pretty rough all day… I still don’t know what it is in the buckets that make us feel so destroyed the next day, some people say its the Redbull and some say it’s the Sangsom but thats the price you pay for cheap booze I suppose and it’s always worth it!

Another glorious day of sunshine and the sea seemed to put us back together more and more with ever gentle wave, by the afternoon we were all feeling a little more like ourselves and Georgie got a Poi lesson from the chap who works at our bungalows and happens to be nothing short of amazing. Sarah kept at the tanning and I strung up my hammock between two shady palms, climbed in… And the rope snapped dropping me on my arse like a coconut falling out of a tree.

By the time the sun had set we were all rearing to go again, Georgie wanted to play some fire on the beach so we headed along Farang BBQ at Cactus bar Koh Phanganto Sanny for some refreshments then got settled while Georgie wowed the crowd with her fiery skills. I think the previous nights party caught up with Sarah and she headed off to bed pretty early while Georgie and I stayed to watch the fire skipping rope, or as the locals call it “The Farang BBQ” always great to watch and this one was no exception, plenty of people came a cropper to the cheers and whoops of a crowd hungry to see them flame grilled… So much fun! Next they got out the football challenge, a large board with several holes cut in it that if you kick the ball through you get a drink… The harder the hole the better the drink, Georgie got in line to have a go and waited her turn. Nobody even came close to getting through a hole and most even struggled to hit the board, then it was Georgies turn. She put the ball down on the spot like the most girly of girls… Took a step back… And put it straight through the middle and most difficult hole without even touching the sides!!!!!!!!!!!!! The winnings were a bucket with a whole bottle of vodka in it, suddenly a quiet night had turned into yet another drunken night… We drank Georgies winnings and free drinks from the happy hour, got abysmally wasted yet again and staggered off down the beach in search of out hut… And our bed.

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