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101 Ultimate Backpacker Resources – Zero to Hero

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suitcase full of 101 travel resources

Backpacker Planning – Dream the Dream.

For many this is by far the biggest hurdle. Just thinking about leaving everything behind for an extended period has probably quashed many a travellers dream before it even begun… Well don’t let it get you too. Read the articles below and understand that you’re giving up nothing.

1. How to get to Southeast Asia for less than £100
2. Planning a RTW trip in 23 steps
3. Ultimate Directory of Top Green Travel Destinations
4. 15 Reasons to Travel Green
5. 7 reasons why you should take that round-the-world trip and travel now!
6. Planning a Round-the-World Trip: 15 Things NOT to Forget
7. Ultimate packing list for travel
8. Notes from the Homefront: How much is Too Much (Planning)? Plus! My Itinerary
9. Six Things To Leave Off Your Packing List
10. 15 Tips On How to Pack Light, Save Money, & Travel Stress-free
11. How To Get From Your Desk To All The Places You Want To Travel
12. How being boring can help you go backpacking
13. Before you Backpack – Backpacking Resources
14. Pre-departure Checklist
15. Awesome Independent Travel Guides-Best travel eBooks



Before you Backpack – Make it Happen.

Now you’re sat on the fence staring down, on one side the familiar… On the other… The great unknown. It’s at this point you could start making excuses even to yourself. The articles below are intended to help you take the guesswork out of backpacking and extended travel.

16. How to Overcome Your Fears
17. How I Just Saved Hundreds on Travel Shots
18. Excuses Not To Travel
19. Warning: Selling everything sometimes sucks
20. Four Ways to Save Money Now So You Can Travel Later
21. 10 Secret Items to Pack as a Woman on Your Next Trip
22. 29 life lessons learned in travelling the world for 8 years straight
23. How to Find Green Accommodations
24. Five Tips for Finding the Perfect Travel Companion
25. Packing: what to put in your toiletries kit
26. First Time Backpacker Essentials
27. 33 Photos that Will Inspire YOU to Jump Out of Your Chair and Travel
28. 5 Things My 86-Year-Old Grandmother Taught Me About Travel
29. Ten travel essentials every traveller should know about

On the Road – Live the Dream.

If you’ve got this far then you’re probably having far too much fun exploring new cultures and meeting new people to come round here and read my blog. But just in case you’re not, here’s a bunch of great articles and resources from those who’ve been there and decided to share the knowledge.

30. 3 Best Kept Travel Secrets
31. Be a better travel photographer
32. How-To Say Thank You in 14 Different Languages
33. Extended travel 101
34. How To Get “Off the Beaten Track”
35. 28 Tips for Traveling With a Laptop and SLR Camera
36. How to Attend a Black Tie Event While Backpacking
37. Real World Travel Tips
38. Not seeing it all is okay for me
39. Travel The World – With These Annoying Travel Types
40. 100 Days of Travel & 100 Reasons to Love It!
41. DIY Rubber Band Travel Clothesline
42. How Long Things Last on the Road
43. The 12 of the best free apps that will make traveling a breeze!
44. 11 MORE of the best free travel apps that will make traveling a breeze!
45. Legal Nomads Ultimate TravelResources
46. Eight Essential Tips to Master the Art of Traveling Lightly
47. Couchsurfing Alternatives
48. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Travelers
49.Hackpacking: Vodka’s many uses
50. How to Avoid Backpacker Burnout
51. The Art of Squatting: A Guide to Using Squat Toilets

General Travel Articles and Tips.

You’re on a beach, it’s pouring with rain, it’s just you and the 4 walls of your budget beach hut… Bored??? Nah you’ve got these articles to kill the time.

52. Ten Best Places to get Stoned Around the World
53. How Travel Helps You Keep Life in Perspective
54. Famous Overland Travel Routes
55. Top Gear Series, Specials and Challenges – Funniest Road Trip Episodes and Videos
56. Language hacking links
57. Technology Kills the Travel Experience
58. The Limits of Long-Term Travel: It Doesn’t Fix Everything
59. Ten Murphy’s Laws of Travel
60. The Fastest Way to Board a Plane
61. The Ultimate Travel Hacking Guide
62. Ten Excellent Reasons to Dump Your Boyfriend… While Backpacking Together
63. Advantages of Solo Group Travel
64. Funny Shopping Products Found When Travelling
65. Just Your Regular Ordinary Pigmobile
66. Tourist Trap – The Top 10 Signs That You’re Caught in One
67. Almost Fearlees eBook Collection
68. The Unmissables
69. Get fluent in any language in 3 MONTHS
70. How to Keep Your Social Life Alive In A Long-Distance Relationship

Stay on Budget & Money Saving tips.

I can absolutely guarantee that long term travel or backpacking will go one of two ways. 1. You’ll be nearing the end, budget running low, missing the family back home and can’t wait to get back to the office rocking that golden tan and tie die shirt. 2. You will spend every waking moment trying to figure out how to make money on the road, stay travelling and make $1 last all day long… Here’s a load of articles by people who did just that!

71. Ten ways to save money when travelling
72. How To Make Money while you Travel
73. The Ultimate Guide to Budget Airline Charges (… and how to beat them!)
74. Cheap Places to Travel on the US Dollar
75. Unusual travel saving tricks
76. What Does a $4 Bungalow Look Like?
77. Four Travel Tips That Will Save You Time and Money
78. Five Money Saving Travel Tips
79. How to budget travel
80. How to Eat Well on a Shoestring Budget

Mobile Lifestyle & Working Abroad.

Further to the last lot of articles… Here’s a few thoughts on how to make money that travels with you. A rare and illusive thing to those who don’t fully understand it. The internet is littered with outlandish success stories like “How to make a million dollars from Twitter is 6 hours”… Well these articles are more ‘realistic” shall we say.

81. Become a Travel Expert and use Frequent Flyer Rewards to go anywhere in the world
82. Ten Digital Nomad Success Stories, and How You Can Learn From Them…
83. Mobile Lifestyle Resources
84. 21 Resources for Volunteering Abroad & Why You Should Do It
85. Ten Things I Wish I’d Known Before Volunteering Abroad
86. Great gadgets for travel
87. How to Use Twitter for Travel Planning
88. 11 Things to Know Before You WWOOF
89. Five Steps to World Travel and Getting Paid to Do What You Love


Travel Health and Safety.

101 of extended travel… Keep safe and look after yourself. Don’t be strolling the streets of Phnom Penh in your bare feet because you think your some sort of hippy… You’re not! And when your dorm buddies have to drag you to some shady backstreet clinic because you’ve pulled a 3 day whitey from all that happy pizza – Just think.

90. Drug Smuggling Tips
91. 5 Easy Ways to Die in Argentina
92. How To Avoid (And Deal With) 5 Common Travel Diseases
93. Ten Ways To Get Yourself Mugged While Backpacking…
94. Travelers Beware: Five Most Common Transport Scams
95. Couchsurfing for Solo Women Travelers, Good or Bad?
96. How traveling improves your quality of life
97. How to Travel Without Hugging the Bowl: 10 Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road
98. Your Essential Travel Personal Hygiene Tips
99. How to Play it Safe in an Internet Café
100. Travel Safety 101 – A complete guide to staying safe on the road
101. The World’s 10 Worst Travel Diseases

Now I’m sure there are a thousand more articles just like these that are knocking about but I bothered to read them all and put them together so I get to pick! But if I truly have missed a corker then tell me, I’ll have a look and if it promises to save my life, make me rich or inspire me to climb a mountain then I’ll not only update this list with it but I’ll but you a present… A little something to say thank you.

Leave any suggestions in the comments section and I’ll buy the good ones a book, digital or made of good old fashioned paper… It’s up to you

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