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Who is Aaron Bradford & What is HappyTimeblog?

I am Aaron Bradford… This website is the story of how I took a laptop, some determination and a fistful of cash and turned it into a way to travel the world and live a life less ordinary.

Aaron Bradford

I suppose I should start at the beginning, as every good story does.

Disillusioned by the usual 9 to 5 I made the ridiculous decision to sell my only asset and saving grace… My childhood home. I used the money to litter the beaches and bars of South East Asia with my presence for about 18 months. Cementing the idea that there was in-fact better things to do with my time than work my ass off for the good of someone else

And so came HappyTimeBlog – A typical sound off from another wannabe Nat Geo reporter. What begun as a travel diary quickly turned into a way to keep the freedom alive. Throw on top of that an intense passion to be at least a little productive and what you have is…

Location Independent Living

The focus hasn’t entirely shifted, I still love travel and all that goes with it. I still hope to share those experiences here… Because after all… That’s what inspired me to write a bucket list and live a life less ordinary in the first place.

What gets me out of bed in the morning is still the same, I still have to drag myself to work… The difference is, now it’s on my terms and I love it. And the secret to all this??? Nothing really – Make a blog, make some money – do it better, make more…

As this site evolves I will share the lessons I’ve learned and the mistakes I’ve made in my Location Independence section. Maybe you can live a life less ordinary too…

Aaron Bradford - aka Happytimeblog

the “A” Bomb

I’ve been location independent since 2010 and a permanent traveller since 2008. I’ve been to 14 countries around the world and plan to see loads more. What started as a simple backpacking trip turned into a search for income streams that could travel with me. AKA – Become Location Independent. The world is a beautiful place and traveling has taught me countless lessons about myself, life and other people but above all it has indeed been the time of my life.

I currently live in the south of Cambodia, in a little place called Sihanoukville. The opportunities in a country like this to a person earning a healthy Western wage are staggering, since being here I’ve used my on-line income to invest in a little Guest-House/Bar (I know that’s not exactly “Location Independent” but hey… I always fancied the idea).


My Other Projects

I use my experience as a blogger (read: hours spent staring at code) to develop sexy, functional websites for other people and create social media profiles to help them connect with their audience/customers in a personal way. I also have a couple of other blogs of my own, all travel based: Toward Europe – A Guide to European Travel. And BeforeYouBackpack.com – A collection of backpacking tips in Asia. I’ve had photography featured in print magazines such as The Cambodian Daily and The Phnom Penh Post.


What to Expect: A Few Awesome Articles

There are definitely a few articles here on HappyTimeblog that I feel will help you understand what this site is all about, how it can help you live an awesome life. Whether your travelling, just starting out as a blogger or hoping to be location independent – There should be something here to wet your whistle.


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