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Cambodia – Angkor Wat Temples and Coffee

30/07/2008 – 12:53 pm |

We get up at the crack of dawn to watch sunrise of the UNESCO world heritage site of Angkor Wat, Cambodia Mucho Mucho Love… Come join In

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Culture and Cuisine in Krakow

09/05/2011 – 9:36 am |
Krakow scenery

Formerly the capital, Krakow is one of the biggest and oldest cities in Poland. Although probably not the first destination that comes to mind when deciding on a place to visit, it is home to a whole host of attractions to rival anywhere else in Europe.

Flashpackers: have they got a point?

03/05/2011 – 3:04 pm |

We’ve all come across the great backpacker – Flashpacker divide… But who’s right? Does anyone actually have to be wrong? Are we all turning into flashpackers?

Exploring Cape Town

29/04/2011 – 11:19 am |
Cape Town for the air

Cape Town has fast become a popular choice for travelers offering a cosmopolitan vibe against a backdrop of natural beauty, it’s the perfect place to sample the uniqueness of South Africa

Sampling Slovenia

23/04/2011 – 9:59 am |

Slovenia, or ‘The Republic of Slovenia’ is perhaps not the first destination that comes to mind when choosing a holiday destination. But it’s not without it’s charms

Sydney: things you should make your budget stretch to

16/04/2011 – 10:48 am |
Sydney opera house at dawn HDR

Mention Sydney to any backpacker in Southeast Asia and they”ll give you the same look: fear. But there are some places you really should splash the cash…

Exploring Johannesburg

15/04/2011 – 11:35 am |

Johannesburg, RSA is the largest city by population in the country, basking in a subtropical highland climate throughout the year. Some attractions are

Extended travel 101

11/04/2011 – 4:52 pm |
working on the beach - feet, sand and sea on Koh Rong

We’ve been backpacking for over 4 years now. Extended travel isn’t easy but here’s what’s worked for us, what hasn’t worked and how we got here…

Food and fun on Phuket island

08/04/2011 – 1:12 pm |
Longtail boat in Phuket, Thailand

The beautiful island of Phuket, also known as Phuket province, has no land boundaries and is just off the south-west coast of Thailand.

Sun, sea and souvlaki in Cyprus

01/04/2011 – 9:07 am |
Cyprus Sunset

The picturesque island of Cyprus, just south of Turkey, is the third largest island of the Mediterranean sea after Sardinia and Sicily.