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Cambodia – Angkor Wat Temples and Coffee

30/07/2008 – 12:53 pm |

We get up at the crack of dawn to watch sunrise of the UNESCO world heritage site of Angkor Wat, Cambodia Mucho Mucho Love… Come join In

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Why you probably need travel insurance – 5 movies that will convince you

06/06/2011 – 11:21 am |
Home alone - The Movie

Still thinking you can make that backpacking budget stretch further by cutting out the travel insurance? Well perhaps Hollywood can convince you otherwise?

Why should you go on a safari holiday to Botswana

05/06/2011 – 6:02 pm |
Okavango delta

Botswana really is one the most exciting travel destinations in Africa. Famed for Diamonds, Water and its Wildlife, this culturally diverse South African country is a great destination for those looking for wildlife Safaris.

A Taste of Bulgaria

03/06/2011 – 10:15 am |
Bulgarian scenery

Bulgaria is becoming an increasingly popular destination. It is fast becoming a favourite along the SouthEast backpacker trail of Europe

Is last-minute actually value-for-money?

30/05/2011 – 11:52 am |
Airport check in desks in Zurich

Despite its connotations of freedom, travel (& dreaming about travel) has the potential to be pretty constrained. There’s many pitfalls that will swallow cash….

Sun, Sea and Open Air Cinema’s in Sydney

27/05/2011 – 10:46 pm |
Sydney opera house

Sydney is Australia’s largest and most populated city. Typically for this area in the world, Sydney Oz enjoys a temperate climate, relishing in warm summers and mild winters.

The city with it all… Rio de Janeiro

24/05/2011 – 8:54 am |
rio de janeiro from above

Rio is the city with it all: mountains, beaches, iconic landmarks and beautiful people. For the average backpacker, Rio will be a haze of samba, sightseeing and sunbathing

See The Great Wall But Not at Beijing

23/05/2011 – 11:29 am |
The great wall of China

China is a large and diverse country so while you do want to see some of the ‘must sees’ you also wanted to get to know the country by exploring deeper and getting off the beaten path a bit. It’s hard to get far off the track in a country with a billion people but take the time to see the places near the big sites and you’ll enjoy some peace from the crowded cities.

Destination Dubai

20/05/2011 – 11:27 am |
the burj Chalifa

Dubai, perhaps the most familiar of the ‘United Arab Emirates’ to tourists, is a beacon of exceptional grandeur. What with being renowned for its six star hotels and modern regeneration, it has fast become a popular city of the future

Live the high life in London for a day or two

17/05/2011 – 4:37 pm |
luxury London apartment

City breaks needn’t mean austere hotels, grubby bed and breakfasts or crowded youth hostels. Nowadays, you can rent an entire apartment complete with all the trimmings