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Seven Simple Tips for Fighting Air Sickness – Long-Haul or Otherwise

Submitted by on 03/06/2013 – 4:23 pmNo Comment
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Photo from Flickr by Littleone33x

Photo from Flickr by Littleone33x

Air sickness is the kind of affliction that’s only really appreciated in terms of its severity by those who actually suffer from it. The feeling of not being able to travel by airplane or risk the most hideously unpleasant of journeys is something that can to an extent be life-changing especially for people who want to enjoy their multicentre holidays. The world as a whole can suddenly become a much smaller and more closed-off place if air travel is ruled out, which is an unfortunate reality faced by thousands across the world.

However, for most it usually becomes a case of just gritting teeth and bearing the brunt of what unpleasantness air travel might bring, rather than staying put and calling it quits on the idea. And the good news for those brave and plucky enough not to give up on their travel dreams is that there are plenty of tried and tested ways and means to combat air sickness, or at least minimise its effects to a significant extent.

Light Meals

Not just on the day of travel, but for a good few days beforehand it’s a good idea to start taking it easy on your body with a regime of light and healthy meals, doing away with gut-busting calorie-bombs. The latter is only guaranteed to make things worse and while the last thing you want is to feel worse due to being hungry on the journey, it isn’t a good idea to run the risk of an upset stomach before you even take off.


Never forget the importance of hydration both before and during the flight – both of which should be upped from your daily norm. Don’t go drowning yourself in the stuff, but even if it means drinking when you don’t feel thirsty you need to make sure you hit your two-litre daily minimum and a fair bit extra besides. Dehydration and nausea are pretty inseparable bedfellows.


Don’t just assume you’ll have a comfy seat on the plane, but if need be take along your own pillows and/or blanket to at least be as comfortable as possible for the duration.


Some will find that reading makes everything better and other can’t even look at a book without feeling worse, but whatever it is that works in terms of distractions you should stock up on. Basically, anything that prevents you from dwelling on how bad you’re feeling or talking about it non-stop is a blessing.

General Health

Air sickness studies have proved that those in a good state of health are infinitely less likely to suffer truly horrific bouts than those whose health is of a rather poor level. As such, think about getting in shape prior to a journey and this could take the sting out of its tail in one fell swoop.

Cigarettes / Alcohol

And extension of the above, you might think alcohol and cigarettes calm your frayed nerves before a flight, but in reality they do a number on your body and increase your chances of a pretty unpleasant few hours ahead.

Sleep it Off

And finally, air sickness generally has no effect when a person is asleep. As such, if you can manage to time it so by the time you step on the plane you cannot keep your eyes open, sleeping off the whole of the flight is probably the biggest winner of all.

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